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Coda Research Consultancy. Consulting in technology, media and behaviour

Although we specialise in ad-hoc research around experience and behaviour, we have a variety of reports we periodically release. These combine market assessments and forecasts with analyses of behaviour around technologies and media.


Recent Reports

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China: Mobile Handset Market, with Forecasts to 2015
This 22 page report provides our quantitative forecasts year by year to 2015 for mobile subscriptions, subscribers and handset sales; smartphone and 3G handset sales; mobile internet users, and Mobile carrier profits. Extensive discussion appears alongside each of our forecasts, and we especially look at drivers to smartphone and 3G handset sales.

Worldwide Smartphone Sales Forecast to 2015
This 36 page report presents our forecasts for smartphone sales year by year to 2015, separated by the following regions: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific (excl China and Japan), China, Japan, North America, United States, South America, and Middle East and Africa.

Mobile internet and handsetsin the US: A comprehensive assessment, with forecasts to 2015
This is a thorough assessment of US mobile internet via mobile handsets. It reviews and forecasts feature phone and smartphone shipments, mobile internet capable handset ownership, mobile internet users, mobile internet activities, traffic, and revenues to 2015.

Mobile Handset and Portable Computer Shipment and Penetration Forecasts for the US, 2010-2015
This 27 page report presents our forecasts for subscribers and shipments of mobile internet devices in the US, covering 2010 to 2015. It looks at Smartphones, Wi-Fi enabled handsets, Touchscreen handsets, Feature phones, Tablets, Notebooks, and Netbooks, alongside drivers to take-up

US mobile advertising and mobile commerce revenues, with forecasts to 2015
This 36 page report examines mobile advertising and mobile commerce via handsets in the US to 2015, and is divided into two sections. The first section provides analysis and forecasts for ad revenues across SMS, Display and Search, and for mobile commerce revenues up to 2015. The second section is given over to an analysis of drivers to mobile eCommerce and mobile advertising.

The Smartphone Market in the US: 2010-2015
At the core of smartphone growth in the next five years is accelerating demand by handset subscribers to access the mobile internet. This study focuses upon the smartphone market and user behavior to 2015. Together with forecasts, included in this study is an examination into shipments and ownership, and drivers to take-up.

Mobile internet traffic via handsets in the US: Forecasts to 2015
This report provides our forecasts for mobile internet data traffic via mobile handsets up to 2015, separated by feature phones and smartphones. It includes forecasts for video traffic via handsets and data traffic per handset and per smartphone subscriber. A discussion regarding impacts of the expansion of mobile traffic upon carriers is given, alongside data for carrier performance and 4G roll out across carriers.

Wi-Fi enabled mobile phone handsets in the US, 2010-2015
This is a thorough assessment of Wi-Fi enabled cellular handsets in the US. It includes user and shipment projections, in-depth analysis of the Wi-Fi enabled handset market, and thorough insights into drivers to take-up.

Mobile Video and TV in the US: An assessment
Running to 34 pages, this is a thorough assessment of mobile video and TV in the US. It includes coverage of ATSC M/H, FLO TV, carrier services and mobile web video. It provides user and traffic projections to 2015, in-depth analysis of challenges and opportunities, and recommendations throughout.

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